The Art of being- Ayurveda Yoga retreat

The Art of being- Ayurveda Yoga retreat

21-27 October 2019

Taormina, SIcily

Via Dietro I Cappuccini 6 Taormina


Following the path of well-being, health and balance We find peace and happiness. 

It is simple, but not easy to reach there by keeping all those programs in this complicated reality that we are situated today.

Ayurveda is an ancient Vedic knowledge about the life itself. Based on the principles of nature, Ayurveda gives us deep understanding of life, so to keep ourselves energetic, creative, open and Joyful.

Everything could be used as a tool: food, drinks, oils, cosmetics, activities, music, yoga, exercises, rituals, different therapies etc.

In this week this will be our work, to realize how to use them in daily routine so to keep our light mood , strong health, clear mind.

RETREAT ACTIVITIES:/detailed in the program down the text
*Lecture-discourses in the topic of Basic principles in Ayurveda
*The three Doshas- psycho-body types
*Hatha Yoga practice according to the lunar phase
*Practice for each Dosha- psycho-body type.
*Pranayama- work work the breath
*Fire ceremony
*Kirtan- Chanting meditation
*Ecstatic dance meditation
*Theoretical and practical classes in food knowledge
*Visits of special places in close distance

FOOD: The nourishment during the will be mostly live vegan and vegetarian food, detox drinks, living water, Full Prana income. We discover and recover the healing power that each one of us has and we learn to help those processes! To tune with the perfect and complete nature that we are.

Happy house is located in a very quiet area, in the center of Taormina- the pearl of Lonian Sea. It a colorful cozy place managed by Bilyana Gicheva and Gloria Antonova– two free souls filling the space with light, beauty and aroma magic. The atmosphere is friendly, warm and open to spiritual activities. The decor is simple and harmonious, with an oriental touch.

Nora Vrabcheva comes from Bulgaria. She is Yoga teacher and Ayurveda specialist and a modern charmer. She attained her knowledge from Himalayan yogis in Sri Santosh Puri Ashram in Haridwar, India. She use the Hatha Yoga tools in practicing Assana, Pranayama, Murda, Bandha, Manrta , Meditation. Kria Yoga in cleansing procedures to all our inside world. Living in a retreat center, she follows the principles observing the constant dynamic equilibrium of elements outside and inside. She is artist in the Vedic Culinary and her inspiration is spreading around.
For herself She say: “I Love to Love. Lover of life, dancer in light, sometimes in the rhythm of my oun heart, I try to share the melody of inner contentment and inspiration.”
More: NoraOm.Com

The care for the temple of the Divine inside us- our body, is a main concern and work. To be full of energy, joy and love make us capable to give all this to all the outer world.

Visit to Gorges of Alcantara, the forest of Malabotta the Argimusco the Sicilian Stonehenge. We will make them a practice of connection with the energies of the divine at sunset and a fire ceremony to free ourselves from all the our useless weight and make a space for the new space of abundance.
The beach:

We offer various options, including visiting a local festival, or the markets of Catania or the sea side from Catania to Taormina. You will decide how to spend time the last afternoon together.

What is included:
Accomodation and food for the period
All lectures and practices
What to bring:
If you have a yoga mat
Your happy mood
Something to take notes
Musical instruments if you have any

For more information and enrollment:
0039 334 336 8717 Bilyana

17.00h Welcome circle
18.00h yoga practice Moon salutation
19.30h Dinner
21.00h Chanting

6.30h Sunrise gazing meditation
7.30h Hatha Yoga practice on the beach
9.00h Breakfast on the beach
13.00h Fresh Ayurvedic Lunch
17.00h Discourse- Principles of Ayurveda
18.30h Digestive practice
19.30h Dinner
20.30h Discourse- Tridosha and determining the personal psycho-body type

6.30h Sunrise gazing meditation
7.30h Walk to Castello Saraceno e Madonna della Rocca
Yoga practice there
Visit to Alkantara Malabotta and The megaliths of Argimusco, the Sicilian Stonehenge
Discourse and Sunset practice
20.00h Dinner home
21.30h Silent mediation

According to the lunar position, this day is suitable for cleansing procedures, so this day will be devoted to Kriya yoga.
The natural flow will be followed and the topics will be.
*Water- the cleansing element. Various methods usage of water in different cases and body conditions.
*AMA condition-free radicals, or toxins in the body: how are they formed and kept and how to take them out.
*Daily routine and home cosmetic preparation

6.30h Sunrise gazing meditation
7.30h Yoga practice balancing Vata dosha
9.00h Breakfast
11.30h Rules of eating. Main tastes.
13.00h Lunch
17.30h Yoga practice for balancing Pita dosha
19.00h Dinner
20.30h Ecstatic dance meditation

6.30h Sunrise gazing meditation
7.30h Yoga practice balancing Kafa dosha
9.00h Breakfast
11.00h Walk outside lunch and Practice of connection with the energies of the divine at sunset and a fire ceremony to free ourselves from all the our useless weight and make a space for the new
20.00h Dinner home
21.00h Discourse –questioning

6.30h Sunrise gazing meditation
7.30h Hatha Yoga practice on the beach
9.00h Breakfast on the beach
*We are flexible in the program,according to the group needs or visit some more places in Taormina.

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